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Nosce Te Ipsum (Show Catalogue)
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Product Code: Nosce Te Ipsum (Show Catalogue)
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This paperback, (with introduction by Medical Historian/Writer Dr Ruth Richardson), is the show catalogue for Nosce Te Ipsum, which was premiered in 2006 at UH Galleries, Hatfield with the support of Arts Council England.

In Nosce Te Ipsum, multi-media artist Clarke explores the link between magic, medicine and religion, from the ancient amulet to reproductive cloning, through installations, soundscapes, animation and mixed media works, including Nosce Te Ipsum, Magisterium, The Triptych: Cell Block 100, P.G.R, Amulet Selection Box & others.


With its anatomical/biomedical references, “Nosce Te Ipsum” is an excavation of the human being, a journey into the deepest layers of the mind and body, evoking the past as well exploring contemporary sensitive political, ethical and social issues, while seeking to subject the viewers to the beauty and vulnerability of their own physicality.


        √ Litho printed book

        √ Highest quality paper

        √ Images by professional photographer Justin Piperger

        √ Signed by Lorraine Clarke


Dimensions: 210mm x 210mm


ISBN: 978-1905313-42-6

Cost: £2.99

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