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About Us

 Al l of our products are the unique, quirky and artistic creations of the extraordinary visual artist Lorraine Clarke, who has exhibited her work internationally.

wONEder  is a weird and wonderful online shop that sells Clarke's fascinating works of art.
Our aim is to bring Clarke’s magical brand of unusual art into everyday life as gifts and unique products, including t-shirts, gift cards, art prints, books and more. 


We are committed to bringing you the highest standard of art products made with distinctive designs, unique imagery and the best quality materials.

All of our products can be shipped worldwide directly from our London studios. Visit our delivery page for more specific  information.

Discover more about Lorraine's work at Clarke-art 
 We are always working to bring you new exciting and creative products, so please do check back from time to time for new additions.  
If you have any questions, please e-mail us at 


Fertility Dolls:

"They are true ju-ju objects as well as being a delight to the eye".
(Professor Ian Palmer - Military Psychiatrist)

Fertility Dolls is a series of unusual and thought provoking sculptures constructed using a vast range of materials, from teeth and bone, to jewellery and brass, each doll is fascinating and unique with a vast legacy behind it. They have been called exotic, erotic and mysterious but they are also very normal, natural and in many ways part of you and me.

"After creating a series of six “Fertility Dolls” initially, the installation of 116 more soon followed. These artworks came about while engaged in a period of research into the link between Magic, Medicine and Religion, and premiered in an exhibition exploring this link entitled Nosce Te Ipsum (Know Thyself), in 2006.

I first encountered fertility dolls, while travelling in Kenya some years ago. They were on a high shelf in the back room of a “shop” we stumbled across on a dirt track in the middle of no-where. I heard them as soon as I entered the shack! My desire to remain childfree didn’t allow me to buy nor even touch these primitive looking objects of magic and belief. Such power did they emanate!”
(Lorraine Clarke)  






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